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Skye's History: prt 2
"Well, those next eight years were spent with him mindlessly killing, robbing, torturing, and dissecting victims of all kinds, and developing his powers and seeing to the extent he could use them. Hmhmm~! I hope your taking notes kid. We've only dived about halfway into this terribly...fascinating tale."
  Daniel at this point was thoroughly intrigued. His hands had remained clasped this  whole time, but his grip was tighter now, so much so that his knuckles were blazing white with pressure.
                "I am taking good account of all things you say, informer. What I'm really interested in now though is just how he ascended into this powerful…ah –"
             "Dictatorship?" The cloaked man inquired, figuring out the word for him.
:iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 984 208
Skyes Get Down :youtube: by AishaxNekox Skyes Get Down :youtube: :iconaishaxnekox:AishaxNekox 3,564 425
Skye's History: prt 1
The bolded words are where his history picks up
A clean cut man made his way through the heavy doors of the tavern, standing out greatly from the rough crowd in its walls. He was tall, strong built, with auburn hair and bright green eyes. His ears held a slight pointed edge to them, and along with the light leather armor he wore, he would have stood out greatly amongst a crowd of beings such as yourself. No, the situation was quite the opposite, he was the most normal.
Around him demons brawled, some with bizarre, fantastic bright colored hair and eyes, others completely black and white from their skin to their eyes. They were either brawling and knocking over furniture or blissfully and drunkenly unaware of their surroundings and slurred out old bar tunes. The man's presence went unnoticed.
He made his way past the unsightly crowd to the back of the tavern -- where booths remained empty -- save for one monochromatic woman smoking idly; breathing out orange and blue smoke that w
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i am ashamed of my old self
somebody take her out and shoot her god


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